William Woods

William Woods leads a creative team of Interior Designers in Harrogate with an enthusiasm that never pales. With a keen interest in conservation and more than 40 years of experience developing period houses, country houses, listed buildings and working with National Trust Architects, William’s profound knowledge of all aspects of interior design is combined with a balanced, down-to-earth approach and commitment to traditional values.

William’s burgeoning interest in design was to dramatically accelerate at the age of 17, on inheriting Woods of Harrogate, the Woods family’s fine linen store, established since 1895. His response was to abandon his ambition to take up the law in favour of seeking experience that would befit his new role. First William headed to Northern Ireland to develop his technical knowledge of linen, working for a linen manufacturer of spinners, weavers and dyers. Subsequently, William travelled to London, to work at contemporary design company, Heal & Son when it too was a family business. It was this experience at Heal’s, a company at the vanguard of British contemporary interior design that inspired William to train in London as an interior designer. After four years away from home, William finally returned to Harrogate, to take up the reins of the family business and establish William Woods Interior Design.

Four decades later, with a characteristic sensitivity of touch, together with a trusted team of first-class specialists who share his commitment and values, William creates exceptionally comfortable, elegant residential interiors, which exude natural, effortless style.

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